We are happy to offer our services of appraisals to those that either wish to know the value of an item, or for insurance purposes. We have done the appraisal of quite a few collections (currently we are doing one of the largest in Southern California) as well as many individual items. 

All items to be appraised must be done with the "item in hand" to be given an accurate conclusion. We are always up to date on the current market value of these items, and this allows us to give our clients the evaluations to date. Also with our knowledge and experience, as well as our contacts in Japan, we feel that we can offer our clientele with a complete and accurate appraisal.

Since there are different levels of appraisals (at the right a simple fair market appraisal), we suggest that you e-mail us at the link below with any questions or information as to the type of appraisal that you are looking for.

Thank You


Sample Of Simple Fair Market Appraisal

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