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Signed Sukashi Tsuba

Item #516


Very interesting tsuba done in sukashi format. A interesting design with the carving done very well, and the iron surface is in good condition, well worked iron with a very good color to the iron Signature looks to be genuine signed Kofu Ju Akao Saku. Interesting tsuba for collectors that like iron. The Akao school is actually seen more than collectors think. I have seen many tsuba in collections by Kofu Tasutoshi and Tasunao who are also from this school, but the collectors do not realize that they are from the Akao School. Many of the Akao works were unsigned when in soft metal and made as Kenjo (presentation) pieces.The roots of this school are supposedly from the famous Umetada Myoju School, and that supports the nice quality and designs that are seen from this school.
Time Period
Approx 1700's
Signed - Kofu ju Akao Saku

Top to bottom - 2.56 inches (6.50 cm)
Side to side - 2.46 inches (6.25 cm)

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