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Excellent Goto Menuki Takasho Set

Item #817


Takasho is the design of falconry. This is known as the sport of kings, as only in Japan, the higher classes were able to do hawking, and able to keep hawks. Daimyo have been known to love this form of hunting, and it also lent itself as a social event among the upper classes. Well made and carved, this set which is made up of shakudo, gold and silver shows that no expense was spared. The style of manufacture is that of the Goto School, and one good opinion is that this is the work of Goto Renjo (10th). Until they have been through a shinsa, it is really hard to say which maker carved this set, but one can see that they truly are a quality set, just look at the string done in gold, the detail is so good! In a custom box.
Time Period


Unsigned - Goto School

Length - 1.575 inches (4 cm)
Width - 0.57 inches (1.45 cm)
Thickness - 0.228 inches (5.8 cm)

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