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Shakudo Ko-Goto Kozuka

Item #732


Very old kozuka that is most likely either Ko Goto or at the very least Ko Kinko. But the use of uttori (gold foil) for the design seems to point to the Goto School during the Muromachi period. Jet black shakudo, with the use of gold and silver for the design shows great care in manufacture when looked at carefully. Old pieces such as this have a certain charm to them, and this piece is no exception. We believe the subject to be that of old toys, but can also be that of sewing items. As one can see the shakudo nanako background has been worn down, but yet the dark black shakudo color remains. That is because top grade shakudo will re-patina itself, unlike those of lesser quality used in inferior pieces.
Time Period
Late Muromachi 1500's

Length - 3.80 inches (9.6 cm)
Height - 0.55 inches (1.4 cm)

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