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Signed Shakudo Scholars Fuchi Kashira Set

Item #1019


Shakudo fuchi kashira with migaki ji with a design of a Chinese scholar. The shakudo is of very high quality and is very nice. The design of the scholar is done in fine katakiri bori with gold to accent the piece. The bamboo is done very nicely and shows skill of a ranked artist. Kikuchi Masanaga worked during the 1800's The Kikuchi School is represented well by Jokatsu, the master of this school. Fuchi Kashira comes with a custom fitted box.
Time Period
Signed - Kikuchi Masanaga Kao
Fuchi - 1.48 inches (3.78 cm) x 0.87 inches (2.22 cm) x 0.45 inches 1.15 cm)
Kashira - 1.31 inches (3.33 cm) x 0.71 inches (1.82 cm) (with shitodome) x 0.25 inches (0.63 cm)

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