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Signed Iron Dragon and Waves Fuchi Kashira Set

Item #1018


Iron fuchi kashira with a well cut design of a dragon. Done in mild takabori, this dragon is done well. The signature of a Heianjo maker is very unusual and should be studied further. The set is large and is very nice for mounting. The dragon moving through the waves is a nice design and is easy to match for mounting. Unfortunately there is no listing in the Kinko Jiten for a Heianjo Masanobu. Fuchi kashira is accompanied with a custom fitted box.
Time Period
Signed - "Heianjo ju Masanobu" (unlisted maker)
Fuchi - 1.51 inches (3.84 cm) x 0.95 inches (2.41 cm) x 0.60 inches (1.52 cm)
Kashira - 1.36 inches (3.46 cm) x 0.76 inches (1.93 cm) (with shitodome) x 0.41 inches (1.04 cm)

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